NOVEMBER 2016 – Amsterdam SAX16 (16-19/11/2016) Amsterdam – HOLLAND

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Dear all,

We are proud to announce the International Saxophone Festival Amsterdam SAX16, which will be held from the 16th until the 19th of November, at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

This event will be full of concerts, masterclass and other activities with some of the most important personalities of the actual world of saxophone, such as Arno Bornkamp, Claude Delangle and Willem van Merwijk.
There will be recitals by Arno Bornkamp & Maria Nemtsova, and Odile and Claude Delangle. Moreover, CvA students will be performing in chamber music concerts and the CVA-SAX ensemble (conducted by Juanpe Luna) will play an important role in this event with a concert in the Oosterkerk in Amsterdam, playing pieces by Stravinsky, Ravel and Shostakovith with Maria Nemtsova (piano) and Claude Delangle (saxophone) as soloists. On Saturday the festival will conclude with a convention about new developments in saxophone pedagogy and saxophone-repertoire: ‘What’s new in the Land of Saxophone’?

This festival has a special meaning: we will be celebrating Arno Bornkamp’s 20-year jubilee as professor of the Conservatory of Amsterdam (and 30-year as conservatory-teacher in general)! For this occasion, we would like to invite you to take part in playing in a very special piece by Salvatore Sciarrino, for saxophone quartet and 100 saxophones: La Boca, I Piedi e Il Suono.
It will be performed on Thursday night 17th of November at 21h00 in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and participants of the festival can take part in the 100-saxophones group.
The detailed schedule of SAX16 will be published in a few days. Stay tuned!

You may apply for masterclass with Arno and Willem and for the Sciarrino-project via this email:


All the best,
Team SAX16



All activities, except for the masterclasses, of SAX16 are for free!


Masterclasses by Claude Delangle Willem van Merwijk and Arno Bornkamp
18.00h Yoga Workshop for musicians by Lisa Wyss | CVA Ensemble zaal
As musicians we put our bodies in unnatural positions for many hours every day, which causes tension and pain. Yoga is a great tool to counterbalance those positions and to stretch and strengthen the body. It also helps to develop awareness: physical awareness to find a good posture to play in and to prevent injuries, and mental awareness to develop a concentrated and focussed mind for practicing and performing. One of the main topics in Yoga is the breath, which is a very important factor in our playing. Being able to control and calm the breath helps us not only with playing but also with dealing with stress and anxiety. In addition to that, Yoga teaches us to be present in the moment, which is especially important when we are on stage.
20.30h Concert Chamber music plus-minus by CvA-SAX students | CVA Sweelinckzaal
Special guest Evgeni Novikov

Masterclasses by Claude Delangle, Willem van Merwijk and Arno Bornkamp
21.00h Concert Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and 100 saxophones of the Score Collective | TivoliVredenburg Utrecht Salvatore Sciarrino’s La Boca, I Piedi e Il Suono for Saxophone Quartet and 100 saxophones Conducted by Juanpe Luna La Boca is a piece of experimental music for saxophone quartet and 100 saxophones (30-45 minutes). The piece starts with just quartet and after 10 minutes the quartet is surrounded increasingly by 100 saxophone players, who move around in the space very slowly, playing very softly. Every member produces his or her own tiny sound, but with the whole group the effect is very powerful. It will be an unique experience, that is rich in emotions. The quartet-part will be performed by the renowned Aurelia Saxophone Quartet. In the 100-saxophone-group players of all categories and levels can participate!Except the overwhelming experience of performing this piece we can offer all participants a special SAX16 T-shirt!


Masterclasses by Claude Delangle and Arno Bornkamp
14.30h CvA-SAX ensemble concert with M. Nemtsova and C. Delangle | Oosterkerk Amsterdam
Conducted by Juanpe Luna
Soloists Maria Nemtsova piano and Claude Delangle soprano saxophone (Strawinsky, Ravel, Shostakovitch)
20.15h Double recital of Claude Delangle and Arno Bornkamp | CvA-Bernard Haitinkzaal
Claude Delangle & Odile Delangle play Debussy, Marion-Gallois
Arno Bornkamp & Maria Nemtsova play Hindemith

10.00h New developments in saxophone-teaching and saxophone-music | CvA Bernard Haitinkzaal
Convention about new developments in saxophone pedagogy and saxophone repertoire
Night: PARTY!!!!!
To apply for a masterclass with Arno and Willem and for the Sciarrino-project, please let us know via this email:

Join the amazing Sciarrino-project for free. For the masterclasses we have to charge €40,- per lesson (30 minutes)


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