Adolphe Sax
Monday March 18, 2019

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Adolphe Sax

adolphe-saxs-201st-birthday-6443879796572160-hp2xThe 6th November 2015 was an special day due to the 201th Adolphe Sax birth aniversary.

GOOGLE celebrated it with the famous GOOGLE Doodles, due to that it was a huge revolution all over the world which cause an amazing promotion of our instrument in the mass media.

Here you can see all Doodles created by Google for this special day.


Have you seen Sax's ads in Spanish?


DATE: 15th May

Gautrot was not only a successful and rich instrument maker, but also the inventor (1856) of the sarrusophone


But, that outrageous raid made him to face against a more powerful instrument manufacturer: Gautrot


DATE: 2 May

Although Sax’s aggressive attack, Adolphe Sax also won the 1st prize in his category. But…


DATE: 28th April

Convinced copied him illegally, Sax organized an outrageous raid inside those firms shops and 1855 Exhibition’s area.The scandal was served


DATE: 25tn April

And what happened in the Expo1855? There was a big quarrel related to Sax… Next Monday I’m telling you…

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 17.15.22

DATE: 22nd April

What next? The Paris Int’t Exhibition 1855 where Sax would compete against more than 223 French manufacturers


DATE: 15th April

And after more of 7 years of judicial defence, Sax won credibility for his instruments & 10.000 francs compensation


DATE: 13rd April

But, before The Verdict, the Emperor made him Manufacturer of his Military House. Interference between powers?Appropriate?



The years went by, and his exclusive rights over his questioned patents were finishing off…

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DATE: 7th April

But… Don’t forget… Sax continued owing money and the originality of his patents were still discussing in the courts


DATE: 1 April

After solving part of his problems, Sax found new (and important) friends like the Colonel Fleury


DATE: 26th March

And what can we buy with Sax’s debt? For example, we could invite 200.000 people to a coffee outdoors in Paris.

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 16.25.51

DATE: 24th March

Wow... So wonderful awards have received Sax! Superb and healthy firm, isn't it? No: he faced his 1st BANKRUPTCY

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 16.19.21

DATE: 19th March

Ya en territorio británico, Sax compitió dos años después (1851) con una vitrina espectacular de más de tres metros

Indeed, Sax took part in the London International Expo of 1851 with an impressive more than 3-metres-high showcase


DATE: 18th March

Next year (1849), Sax recovered himself and competed in the French National Expo, even obtaining the First award


DATE 15th March

Moreover, Sax had to accept his first defeat in the Courts, weakening or invalidating his patents


DATE: 12th March

In the 'quiet' July Monarchy and Adolphe Sax very well-placed, his business paled because of the Revolution of 1848

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 15.58.34

DATE: 7th MarCH

As you may know, Sax also won a bands 'battle' in the Champs-de-Mars in 1845. Everything was going well... Or not...


DATE: 4th March

Happy Mardi Gras today everybody!!! Here you have a pic of the Paris Opera in 1847 celebrating the Carnival


DATE: 1st March

And thanks all these people,he got to be the brass supplier of the Opera in 1847.This is the contract:

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 15.47.06DATE: 27th February

But the person that helped him start to enter the Opera and the Conservatory was Habeneck


DATE: 25th February

The previous character was Rumigny, a military; but the most consistent musical support was Georges Kastner

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 15.38.27

DATE: 20th February

What did Sax do when he moved to Paris in 1842? Obsviusly, he looked for help and support. Do you know from whom?


DATE: 17th February

183, Rue Villa-Hermosa, in Brussels; the last Adolphe Sax’s address in Belgium before his move to Paris in 1842


DATE: 15th February

Incidentally, Brussels 1815, the date the young Adolphe Sax q, just 1 year, the Belgian capital c his parents moved

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-02 a las 13.24.36

DATE: 10th February

Exactly 120 years ago (1894) and at midday, the Adolphe Sax’s funeral was officiated:


BIOGRAFÍA DE ADOLFO SAX extraída de The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

Autores: Philip Bate/Wally Horwood

Traducción al castellano: Marcelo Morante

Adolphe [Antoine-Joseph] Sax

(Nacido en Dinant el 6 de Noviembre de 1814-Fallecido en París el 4 de Febrero de 1894). Hijo de Charles-Joseph Sax. Adquirió sus primeros conocimientos sobre instrumentos musicales en el taller de su padre, y pronto desarrolló una habilidad excepcional.

Al contrario de casi todos los demás instrumentos de música, el saxofón no tiene antecesores. Apareció tal cual a mediados del Siglo XIX, cuando el progreso en la fabricación de instrumentos se apoyaba en la afinación, la facilidad de emisión, la simplificación de las digitaciones y la extensión, sin cambiar en absoluto las digitaciones del cuerpo ni el principio de emisión.
Desde 1840, Adolphe Sax, aun estaba en Bruselas y encargado de dirigir el taller de u padre, estaba obsesionado por u “sueño quimérico”: crear un instrumento de viento que “por el carácter de su voz pueda aproximarse a los instrumentos de cuerda, pero que tenga más fuerza e intensidad”. Entonces construyó “ el Saxofón”.

31672984El trabajo del cobre, una de las más antiguas industrias conocidas en Bélgica, y en particular en Dinant (donde hay explotaciones mineras de calamina), goza, ya desde el siglo XIV, de una expansión considerable. Fue precisamente en esa ciudad industrial y prospera donde trabajó Charles-Joseph Sax, fabricante de instrumentos de música y padre de Antoine-Joseph Sax, nacido el 6 de noviembre de 1814.





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