FEBRUARY 2018 – AS Music Festival (02-04/02/2018) Bled – SLOVENIA Bled Slovenia AS FEstival



The AS International Music Festival, Bled

The AS International Music Festival is a saxophone-themed event addressing a wide audience, amateurs and professionals alike, with a vision of becoming the central event of its type in this part of Europe.

It is duly named after Belgian instrument inventor Adolphe Sax, whose most famous invention is the SAXOPHONE itself.

The AS Festival was first organised in 2014 as a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the great man’s birth. After 2 renditions on a national scale, the 3rd annual AS Festival, in 2017, outgrew national bounds, as it featured over 250 saxophonists coming from Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary.

The Festival also strives to attract a wider audience, which is why we pay special attention to the diversity of our musical prWhether you are a teacher, or a student of an elementary school, a high school, or a college, the 4th annual AS International Musical Festival offers a wide range of different ways to be active and participate:

  • 7 festival concerts featuring renowned local and foreign musicians
  • Workshops – creative workshops of classical and jazz music (for music school students)
  • Masterclasses (for high school and college saxophone students)
  • Seminar for teachers with local and foreign lecturers
  • Soloist audition for the chance to perform with the orchestra in the opening concert
  • Youth concert Made in Slovenia – featuring young soloists performing the compositions of Slovene authors (in cooperation with the Society of Slovene Authors)
  • One of our concerts will be organised in cooperation with the Radovljica nursing home. Dubbed “The concert at your doorstep,” it will be an example of different generations interlacing, as the young performing musicians will also introduce their instruments and their programme to the elderly
  • Musical fair in the lobby of the Bled festival hall.




Maja Barroso Lisac – Switzerland

Barry Cockroft – Australia

Alain Crepin – Belgium

Claude Delangle – Grance

Daniel Duran – Spain

Žiga Fabbro – Slovenia

Philippe Geiss – France

Lenart Krečič

Oskar Laznik

Gerald Preinfalk – Austria

Dejan Prešiček

Dragan Sremec – Croatia

Kenneth Tse – USA

Javier Valerio – Costarica 


Odile Delangle – France

Iren Seleljo – Hungary


Budapest sax quartet – Hungary

Ensemble 4saxess – Slovenia

Saxophone syncopators – Slovakia

Saxofiori – Austria

SOS orkester saksofonov – Slovenia

SOS Junior orkester – Slovenia


Adolphesax As Festival2



FRIDAY, 2 February 2018
20.00 Opening Concert
Slovenian saxophone orchestra SOS
Soloists: Claude Delangle and Kenneth Tse
Bled Festival Hall
22.00 Chaplin Sax
Saxophone Syncopators
The Panorama Restaurant, Bled


SATURADAY, 3 February 2018
12.00 Prelude to a musical afternoon
Tulln – Wagram Music School saxophone orchestra
Claude and Odile Delangle
Bled Festival Hall
20.00 Evening Gala
Budapest Sax Quartet and Ensemble 4saxess
Soloists: Barry Cockroft, Philippe Geiss, and Javier Valerio
Bled Festival Hall
22.00 TANGO & JAZZ concert
Gerald Preinfalk, saxophone, and Klaus Paier, accordion
Jam session
The Panorama Restaurant, Bled


SUNDAY, 4 February 2018
12.00 Prelude to a musical afternoon
Saxofiori saxophone orchestra, conductor: Harald Müller
Gerald Preinfalk and Iren Seleljo
Bled Festival Hall
18.00 SAXPLOSION time
SOS Junior saxophone orchestra, conductor: Alain Crepin
Soloists: Dragan Sremec, Kenneth Tse, Javier Valerio, Barry Cockroft
Bled Festival Hall


MORE INFORMATION: As Festival Schedule

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