Vierung Saxophone Quartet
(16:30, Thursday 12 July, St Leonard’s Chapel)
Bernd Frank — Alto and Soprano Saxophone; Marc Löhrwald — Alto Saxophone
Christof Jaeger — Tenor Saxophone; Natascha Protze — Baritone Saxophone
Vierung: A strange name for a saxophone quartet one might say! Yet the reasoning behind it is illuminating: the German word ‘Vierung’ refers to the junction of the four arms of a church in classical architecture, whereupon a dome or tower is often situated. A wonderful analogy for the four equal voices of a quartet who carry the music to the audience, isn’t it? And because this group, founded in 2002, can often be heard performing in the churches of Northern Germany it seems even more fitting. Yet do not expect purely classical works to be performed by the quartet. Vierung will delight your ear with a varied and diversified musical repertoire including jazz standards, modern compositions as well as pieces and arrangements by the group themselves, performed with pizzazz by these versatile musicians. Although their musical interests and careers are spread far and wide they always enjoy performing together in one of the quintessential formations for saxophonists.

Posted on 6 de August de 2012

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