WSCXVI URBIS SAXOPHONE QUARTET Teddy Bears´ Picnic by John Walter Bratton

Urbis Saxophone Quartet
(14:00, Wednesday 11 July, All Saints)
Anthony Brown; William Upton; Eleanor Pike; Kyran Matthews
The Urbis Saxophone Quartet made their debut at the inauguration of the Royal Northern College of Music’s (RNCM) Carol Nash Recital Room in 2010. They gave the UK Premiere of Friedrich Cerha’s Saxophonquartett as part of the RNCM festival of Cerha’s music with a delighted Cerha in the audience. Urbis’ passion for contemporary music led to their being offered the chance to perform John Casken’s Distant Variations Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Wind Orchestra with the RNCM Wind Collective at Manchester University’s Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall. Following their performance in the final of the Trevor Wye Memorial Prize competition the Quartet were invited to perform Will Gregory’s Lost Bronze at the RNCM’s Help For Japan benefit concert.

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