WSCXVI THRASCHER Suite Scotch by Glenn Kostur

(16:30, Saturday 14 July, All Saints)
Randy Hamm — Soprano Saxophone; Tim Ishii — Alto Saxophone
Chris McGuire — Tenor Saxophone; Glenn Kostur — Baritone Saxophone
Thrascher is a saxophone quartet performing only its original material, with the focus of the group being the integration of improvisation as an important part of each piece. Thrascher explores various improvisation settings and techniques including the traditional jazz setting of musical form with chord changes, graphic notation, programmatic instructions, extended techniques and other elements. The improvised (or ‘Thrasching’) sections are intended to be seamlessly blended with the composed portions of their performances. The members of Thrascher include Randy Hamm (soprano, Director of Jazz Studies, Missouri State University), Tim Ishii (alto, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Texas-Arlington), Ed Petersen (tenor, Coordinator of Jazz Studies, University of New Orleans) and Glenn Kostur (baritone, Director of Jazz Studies, University of New Mexico). Thrascher enjoyed an annual residence (1999-2005) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Summer Jazz Camp, and is currently a fixture at the annual Texas All-Star Jazz Camp, Plano, Texas. Thrascher performed at the 2000 NASA conference in Tucson, Arizona, and the 12th World Saxophone Congress in Montreal, Canada. Thrascher’s two CDs, Another Sound Thrasching and Axes of Evil, are available at A third release, Music For No Occasion, is currently in production.

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