WSCXVI QUADQUARTET Short Cuts by Luis Tinoco

(13:00, Wednesday 11 July, All Saints)
João Figueiredo — Soprano Sax; Fernando Ramos — Alto Sax
Henrique Portovedo — Tenor Sax; Romeu Costa — Baritone Sax
QuadQuartet was formed in 2004 by four saxophone players with common musical backgrounds. Being a small chamber ensemble, it tries to stay true to its role of divulging new artistic means and above all present new music of today by commissioning composers to write for the group. Since the beginning, QuadQuartet has worked with composers such as Carlos Azevedo, Chiel Meijering, Ian Wilson, Hugo Correia, Jeffrey Davis, and Oscar Graça among others. Besides this connection, the group finds ways of reinventing conventional repertoire giving it their own personal sound. They play concerts throughout Portugal, Spain, France, Holland and England. In January 2009 they released their first CD entitled Now Boarding dedicated to Portuguese and Dutch composers. They are now finishing the studio recording of their second album where the group invites dynamic artists from diverse areas to join them. Quad’s members develop many educational workshops and hold teaching positions throughout the north of Portugal. They also collaborate with Remix Ensemble-Casa da Musica, RTP, Oporto National Orchestra-Casa da Musica, Philarmonia das Beiras, Fado Morse and La La La Ressonance.

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