WSCXVI PARABÓLICO Serenade Op 22 Finale by Antonin Dvorák

(19:00, Friday 13 July, Byre Theatre)
Steffen Hass — Soprano Saxophone; Wildy Zumwalt — Soprano Saxophone
Patrick Meighan — Alto Saxophone; Bryan McNamara — Alto Saxophone
Elmar Frey — Alto Saxophone; Diane Hunger — Alto Saxophone
John S. Moore — Tenor Saxophone; Volker Ax — Tenor Saxophone
Noah Bedrin — Baritone Saxophone; Lynsey Payne — Baritone Saxophone
Melissa Widzinski — Baritone Saxophone; Curt Alterac — Bass Saxophone
Daniel Schmidt — Conductor
Parabolico was formed in 2011 in anticipation of the WSCXVI. Twelve professional saxophonists are brought together in this unique ensemble, including performers from USA, Scotland, and Germany. All musicians are joined by a unity of tonal concept and artistic vision. The members are all active performers and teachers. Additionally, Parabolico combines several smaller chamber ensembles, such as Klang par2, Trio Bel Canto, and Tetraphonics. This WSCXVI appearance is the ensemble’s debut performance.

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