WSCXVI MARIO CIACCIO Minax by Maurizio Billi

Mario Ciaccio
(16:00, Thursday 12 July, St Salvator’s Chapel)
Mario Ciaccio — Alto Saxophone; Frederico Alba — Alto Saxophones
Mario Ciaccio won twelve chamber music competitions at Italian, European and International level. He has performed more than 150 concerts with orchestras and musical institutions in Spain, Belgium, France, Israel, USA, Taiwan and Austria. He has played with Orchestras such as Haydn di Bolzano e Trento, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, Orchestra di Musica Contemporanea di Palermo, Filarmonica Franco Ferrara, Accademie Neue Musik Bolzano, Traiettorie Sonore Milano. He is founder of the saxophone and piano duo Miotto-Ciaccio, Kromatics Saxophone Quartet and Carboneria Saxophone Ensemble. He is a saxophonist in the National Police Wind Orchestra of Italy.

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