WSCXVI JEAN MICHEL GOURY & FRIENDS Octuor de Saxophones by Pedro García Velasquez

Jean-Michel Goury & Friends
Joel Diegert — sopranino / soprano saxophone
Noa Even — soprano saxophone
Phil Pierick — soprano saxophone
Javier Merino Pineda — soprano saxophone
Zachary Pfau — soprano saxophone
Fabien Chouraki — alto saxophone
Vincent Dreyer — alto saxophone
Coline Feler — alto saxophone
Lucas Gaudin — alto saxophone
Dennis Shafer — alto saxophone
Ricardo Martinez — alto saxophone
Tommy Davis — tenor saxophone
Clément Dussutour — tenor saxophone
Yoann Hameon — tenor saxophone
Patrick Stadler — tenor saxophone
Luc Tupin — tenor saxophone
Juliette Herbet — baritone saxophone
Marielle Tupin — baritone saxophone
Fabien Vergez — baritone saxophone
Nick Zoulek — bass saxophone
Robert Lemay — La tentation d’exil
Denis Levaillant — Les accords secrets du Capitaine Nemo
Pedro Garcia Valasquez — Octuor de saxophones
Béla Bartòk, arr. Philippe Portejoie — Divertimento
Philippe Geiss — Calderosax

The Jean-Michel Goury & Friends saxophone ensemble is an international ensemble of former students of the French saxophonist Jean-
Michel Goury. For over twenty years, Mr. Goury has welcomed students from around the world to the Boulogne-Billancourt Regional
Conservatory just outside of Paris. Inspired directly by the creator of the modern saxophone ensemble, Jean-Marie Londeix, this ensemble
is comprised of 12 to 13 musicians for each piece, composed of the entire family of saxophones, from sopranino to bass, with the exception
of the contrabass saxophone. This unusual combination is, above all, a musical tool, rich and varied by timbre and sonorous colour, all
while remaining a homogenous instrumental ensemble, like the string orchestra. The ensemble allows listeners to discover the entire
saxophone family through different musical aesthetics, represented by an abundant repertoire of original works as well as transcriptions.
Jean-Michel Goury’s former students come from over 15 different countries and have been prize-winners in many international music
competitions. Through their teaching engagements, they continue the modern tradition of French saxophone in France and abroad.

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