WSCXVI BRUSH REED Ter Veldhuis, Tower, DeMars, Tanaka, Leduc & Bach

(09:00, Friday 13 July, Buchanan Theatre)
Jennifer Bill — Saxophone; Linnea M. Doyle — Visual Artist
BRUSH|REED is a collaboration between artist and musician to explore the parallels of painting and sound through live performance. BRUSH|REED engages an audience through color, pitch, representational lines, rhythm, intensity and expression: an auralvisual experience.
This collaboration between visual artist, Linnea, and saxophonist, Jennifer, uses painting and music to engage the audience in live art. Live art, as understood by Linnea and Jennifer, means art of that moment in time. The emotional excitement of a live performance for an audience member can rarely be matched. The visual and aural stimulation, the crowd, and the element of unpredictability of the performers all contribute to the power of live performance.
As far back as memory reaches there have always been pictures filling Linnea’s brain and a crayon in her hand. Best known for her brightly colored and graphic style, Linnea M. Doyle is a Minneapolis based visual artist who regularly paints live on stage with musical acts across the city.
Boston based saxophonist, Dr. Jennifer Bill performs contemporary music with a variety of artists including painters, vocalists, clarinetists, cellists, flutists, taped media, percussionists and dancers. She is currently on faculty at Boston University, Providence College and The Boston Conservatory.

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