Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra performing works by Berio, Guerrero and Alla

The Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra performed this concert on March 4 2011 at the Odeon Theater in Vienna / Austria
The concert was shared with the renowned soloist choir “Neues Vokalensemble Stuttgart!”
Thierry Alla: Polychrome
Francisco Guerrero: Rhea
Luciano Berio: Sequenza VIIb ( arr. for 8 saxophones by Lars Mlekusch)
Artistic Director and Conductor: Lars Mlekusch
Saxophonists: Michael Krenn, Christian Lamm, Eberhard Reiter, Miha Ferk, Miha Rogina, Cornelia Högl, Michaela Reingruber, Rachael Moorhead, Markus Holzer, Christian Maurer, Janez Ursej


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