Remembering Billie Holiday on 52nd Street

Pauly Cohen is a Jazz elder who graduated from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and within a few years, was working as a big band lead trumpeter with Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Charlie Barnet. His credits include hundreds of recording sessions, TV and Radio programs, and many many years on the road.

An early mentor and friend was Dizzy Gillespie, dating back to the mid-40s, when they were both in the trumpet section of the Earl Hines Big Band that also included Charlie Parker. Pauly reached a creative peak in the 70s when he played lead trumpet with Count Basie.

When Pauly moved to South Florida in his early 80s, he didn’t retire. Instead, he formed his own group populated by other big band veterans, which he continues to lead today, as he continues into his 90s.

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