Playtest and Review of Matt Stohrer Saxophone Overhaul by Jason Dumars

Master saxophone engraver (and all-around saxophonically knowledgeable guy) Jason Dumars of has just received his 1939 Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophones in the mail after a full soup-to-nuts mechanical rebuild and overhaul by saxophone repairman Matt Stohrer of, and Jason was kind enough to send Matt this “video postcard” review the night he received his horn. Jason talks in detail about how he feels about the overhaul and gives a rousing impromptu improv session (with a particularly blazing passage starting at around 4:30) to close it out.

Yes yes, the audio is a little wonky, but I’m sure you saxophone-type people understand it was shot on the spur of the moment on a phone and not too many phones work awesome with recording such huge variations in audio volume.

Posted on 9 de October de 2020

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