Kacper Puczko plays Sonata for Clarinet & Piano, Leonard Bernstein (2nd mov)

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ANDORRA SAXFEST 2024: SEMIFINAL Competition 2024.
Day: 3rd April 2024
Place: Centre de Congreses de Andorra la Vella (ANDORRA)
Official web page: https:adolphesax.com

Download Dossier PDF: https://adolphesax.com/dossier-andorra-saxfest-2024-pdf/

All Videos links:
– Andorra SaxFest CONCERTS: https://adolphesax.com/videos-saxofon/xi-andorra-saxfest-2024-concerts/
– Andorra SaxFest SOLO COMPETITION: https://adolphesax.com/videos-saxofon/xi-andorra-saxfest-2024-solo-competition/
– Andorra SaxFest YOUTH COMPETITION: https://adolphesax.com/videos-saxofon/xi-andorra-saxfest-2024-youth-competition/

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