Charles Rumback with Jim Baker and John Tate – Eronel

Jim Baker – piano, John Tate – bass, Charles Rumback – drums.

Every graffiti writer worth his Krylon keeps a black book. A piece book. A place to gather source material for future sketches, to harness creative energy and ideas, as well as to collect tags from fellow writers. A tag book.

A collection of four aural sketches from Rumback’s pen alongside one “tag” collected from the master (Stanley Cowell’s “Equipoise”), the trio picks up where it left off with Threes and keeps it in forward motion downfield. Rumback’s compositions are always deep with melody and wide in harmony, leaving lots of acreage for his “deep rapport and intuitive connection” with bassist John Tate, and for pianist Jim Baker “who solos on Rumback’s tender themes with endless invention and harmonic splendor.” (Chicago Reader).

Tag Book is Charles Rumback’s fourth album as a leader.

CD Release show at Constellation in Chicago, December 8, 2017.

Posted on 27 de October de 2020

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