【 David Maslanka – Songs for the Coming Day / 馬斯蘭卡 – 給來日之歌 】

2014/7/19 【 Adagio!緩步看世界 】

MIT Saxophone Quartet 米特薩克斯風四重奏

*Songs for the Coming Day

我們的地球,如我們所知,正以前所未有的速度被破壞中,無盡的戰爭、貧富差距的增大、我們摧毀著自然資源,只為了滿足人類的貪婪。然而在這混亂充滿不幸的世界上,也正在產生一股創造性的力量,例如新的想法、新的生活方式—與地球和諧共存。 音樂在這股創造力的潮流之中,扮演著非常重要的角色,而且這些改變是真的正在發生! 作曲家David Maslanka強烈感受到了世界正在改變,因此把這首曲子命名”給來日之歌”(Songs for the Coming day),希望能帶給人們一些鼓勵與療癒!

我們這次帶來這首作品的台灣首演,音樂一開始演奏我們就會把這股希望的潮流傳遞出去,這也是為什麼現場音樂(Living Music)這麼重要的原因:演奏者與聽者在一個空間裡,演奏者給予聲音深刻的意義,帶領聽眾進入同一個富有創造力的夢中!

全長接近50分鐘的Songs for the Coming day,包含了九首沒有歌詞的”歌”:
I. At This Time
II. Breathing
III. Awakening
IV. For the Dead
V. Letting Go of the Past
VI. The World is New
VII. When I cannot love I wait for morning
VIII. The soul is here for its own joy
IX. Song for the Coming Day

Songs for the Coming Day is in nine movements, and runs about 48 minutes. It was commissioned by the Masato Kumoi Sax Quartet and consortium. The movements are relatively brief “songs without words” with titles such as Breathing, Awakening, Letting Go of the Past, and The Soul is Here for its Own Joy. Eight of the nine movements are varying degrees of slow, emphasizing longer durations and quieter dynamics. There is a high demand for precise ensemble awareness and blended tone qualities. The title Songs for the Coming Day reflects my belief that under the chaotic surface of our world there is a rising creative energy through which is growing a new idea of living in harmony with ourselves and the Earth.

MIT Saxophone Ensemble (米特薩克斯風重奏團)

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