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Two great sonatas, the Sonata in A major by César Franck (1st and 2nd mov.), Originally written for the violin, and the Sonata in C sharp, originally intended for the saxophone by Fernande Decruck, are the pieces chosen to present our recital. To sign it, a small concerto –in piano reduction–, the well-known Concertino da Camera, by Jacques Ibert.

Even though it is very true that playing with Manuel Corbacho makes music feel easy and natural, the fact is that, in reality, this repertoire, so demanding and known to all, is always very difficult and committed to tackle. We have spent so many years of our musical life receiving advice, and trying to improve and master these great works, that, somehow, the feeling has been naturally installed in us that it is never possible to play them in a natural, clean, free, or spontaneous.

Since the great objective of every performer should be to transmit and communicate emotion in a natural, honest and simple way – passing as interpreters to be transparent, so that the music can be the true protagonist -, the challenge in this recital has been to be able to recreate before the public, mostly understood, these three fantastic works, trying to overcome the natural fear of not living up to a repertoire so well known and explored by every saxophonist.

The first of the challenges, the recreation of these phenomenal pieces, has been tried to be carried out with all possible professionalism. The second, overcoming fear, has been more difficult to tackle, given that the height of our musical expectations is always disproportionate with respect to our real possibilities as performers, and, furthermore, the rules of this new game – the performance recorded in alive, but before a virtual audience, without the warmth and emotional interaction with it – they are still unknown and strange to us.

Even so, the joint work has been exciting, very exciting and committed, so if we attend to Machado when he wrote: “walker there is no path, but the path is made by walking”, we can feel satisfied because, simply, we have been able to take the project to fruition, feeling very happy during the journey.

Tomas Jerez

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