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The Aurelia Saxophone Quartet is ending after 35 years

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The Aurelia Saxophone Quartet is ending after 35 years.
The current members Femke IJlstra, Niels Bijl, Arno Bornkamp and Juan Manuel Dominguez have decided to stop playing together as the ASQ. The reasons for this decision are, among others, that the successful development of personal projects and the decrease in number of concerts and concert series has made it difficult to ensure the high level of quality and the ambitions that the quartet holds itself to.

Through playing arrangements and the creation of new repertoire, the Aurelia has contributed to the emancipation of the saxophone quartet as a mature classical ensemble and served as a breeding ground and example for future generations of quartets. Johan van der Linden, André Arends and Willem van Merwijk (co-founders of the ASQ) also played an important role in this impact.

It gives the members of the ASQ much pleasure to see that the number of young and promising saxophone quartets has increased enormously in the Netherlands and, after 35 years, they are proud to make room for the next generations.



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