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Quarter Tone Fingerings for Baritone Saxophone (Joan Martí Frasquier)

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In the most recent repertoire, the use of the microtones is becoming more and more frequent. So I have decided to write here the most accurate fingerings for the baritone saxophone in terms of intonation and sonority.


This chart is the continuation of the one I posted some months ago about the Altissimo Fingerings with quarter tones. To make this chart I collected the fingerings of my baritones, from the current to the ones I used before (some of them didn’t have the keys #5 and #6 independents, neither the C5) and I have compared them in order to check its repercussion on the intonation.

This table also includes correction fingerings for the intonation of some notes in brackets.

I hope that you will find this chart useful.


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