“Prologue” new alto saxophone mouthpiece: quality and price

ALT Prologue RD1 medium ensemble

Created by Henri SELMER Paris the brand SeleS presents the innovative Prologue mouthpiece for alto saxophone.

From the very first notes, the Prologue mouthpiece is easy to play and its emission and response is second to none.

These qualities, as well as its attractive price,make it a great choice for beginner saxophonists.

Drawing on our extensive and know-how, a new material has been chosen for the Prologue design: TPE, a thermoplastic polymer. This material offers outstanding acoustic qualities, similar to the hard rubber used in the conception of the Henri SELMER

Paris mouthpieces, as well as a perfect repeatability in production.

Prologue mouthpiece is fitted with its ligature and cap.

ALT Prologue RD2 fullHDALT Prologue RD1 medium


  • Opening: 1.55 mm
  • Table length: 24 mm
  • Square chamber

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