LARS MLEKUSCH pianoproject


DATE: From 6th to 9th de July 2014




Start Date: July 6thst, 2014 – Start Time: 09:00
End Date: July 9th, 2014 – End Time: 09:00



We guarantee to every active participant 4 x 45 minutes lessons.
Practice rooms will be available to the students free of charge.
Reservation for the practice rooms can be made in the main office.
On the last day of the master class there will be a concert of participants recommended by the professor.
All participants will get a Split card which offers a variety of free entrances as well as disscounts for museums, theatres, some restaurants etc.



Active participant : 1500 HRK, 220 EUR

The participation fee includes:
•Four 45 minutes lessons with professor
•Piano accompaniment
•Practice rooms
•SA concert of the participants
•Free entrance for the concert of prof. Lars Mlekusch on Kaštela summer festival
•Split card, allowing free entrances and special discounts in various establishments throughout the city
•Master class diploma
•24-hour emergency phone number
*Extra lessons available upon request during the masterclass.

Number of active participants: 15

Observer: 400 HRK, 55 EUR

Price includes attending daily classes as a passive participant
Passive participants may get one unit of one-on-one instruction with the course instructor’s permission (price upon request).

Day pass for unregistered students: : 100 HRK, 15 EUR

Application deadline: June 15th 2014


To apply for a place in the piano master class, please fill in the application form below and submit it on line. All applications must be received by To apply for a place in the master class, please fill in the application form below and submit it on line. All applications must be received by June 15th 2014 (Application Deadline). Once you have received confirmation of your application and admittance to the master class a deposit of 100 euro is required to secure your place and this is a non-refundable deposit. You will be sent bank account information upon confirmation. This needs to be sent within 2 weeks of confirmation with the note”free of charge of the recipient”, or we will assume you are not able to attend. In the unlikely event of the master class being cancelled, your deposit will be refunded. In case of differing application deadline, the payments must be received by this deadline. Payments must be made in EUR.


For written cancellations by the day of the application deadline, the participation fee will be refunded; the registration fee will, however, be retained. Please always indicate your bank account information in case of cancellation! A refund of the participation fee for withdrawals after the day of the application deadline is only possible in proven cases of force majeure (e.g. illness, accident, death in the family). Such withdrawal must be effected before the festival begins. For later cancellations, the course fee will be retained.


All courses are open to both active participants and to auditors. Students who are not admitted by the teacher as active participants, due to a lack of adequate prior training, may attend the course as auditors. In such a case, the difference between the tuition fees for active and passive participation will be reimbursed.
The number of active participants is limited (12). Active participants will only be accepted for the entire duration of a course. Should the total of twelve valid applications not have been reached by May 15th 2014, the administration reserves the right to shorten the course, although this measure will not reduce the lesson units per participant.
The administration reserves the right, should an instructor be prevented from attending, to provide a comparable substitute at its own discretion or to cancel the course. Should a course be completely cancelled, all paid fees will be reimbursed to the participants. No other claims will be recognised. 


180 minutes of one-on-one instruction (piano and saxophone), 240 minutes (voice) per active participant. 

Passive participants may receive one unit of one-on-one instruction with the course instructor’s permission (price upon request). 

Students may audit all courses in the curriculum. 

Practice rooms are free of charge for active participants. 

Each active participant will get a diploma; each passive participant will get a certificate. 

All active attendants of the Piano loop festival, as well as the attendants of the “Kemal Gekić summer school” have the right to participate at the Piano 24. Biography with the list of relevant competitions and concerts the pianist previously performed at is a prerequisite. The biography should be sent along with the suggested program to the organizer’s email address.

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