Phenomenology and Therapeutic Methods of Musician’s Dystonia


Dr. Jaume Rosset speach in the 8th Panhellenic Summer Symposium of Neurology (Corfu Island, Greece) 18/5/14.

Dr. Rosset explains in this short conference the experience of their Institute in musician’s dystonia. He talks about how dystonia appears, its peculiarities, the therapeutic approach that they use and the results of therapy.


You can also see the video of the speech of Sílvia Fàbregas (coordinator of musician’s dystonia program at the Institut) who explains which are the basics of the therapy. Based on the recovery process of Katerina Panagiotou (Κατερίνα Παναγιώτου, Greek guitarist with right hand musician’s dystonia) she shows how the therapy is.

You can also see the video with Katerina Panagiotou’s story of recovery and a short concert. She explains how has been her way from dystonia to normal playing again.




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