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ONLINE MEETING WITH SERGIO JEREZ GÓMEZ “The saxophone maintenance”. Saturday 27th February 2021.

Adolphesax Concert Series Sergio Jerez


“THE SAXOPHONE MAINTENANCE”: Basic reparation tips.

  • GUEST: Sergio Jerez Gómez (Bricomusicos)
  • WEB:
  • MEETING PLACE: Laboratorio de luthería Sergio Jerez Gómez
  • MEETING DATE: 27 Febrero 2021.
  • MEETING TIME: 17:00h (España)
    – Tips and basic maintenance of the saxophone.
    – Complete practical demonstrations.
    – Solution of doubts and queries.

Sergio Jerez

Instrumentalist Technician specialized in Woodwind, with Workshop in Malaga (Spain). He combines his professional activity with that of Specialist Professor of the subject “Mechanical Fundamentals and Maintenance of Wind Instruments” at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Jaén.
Training expert, of the professional family of Arts and Crafts, of the National Institute of Qualifications (INCUAL), collaborating in the determination and elaboration of professional qualifications associated with the repair and maintenance of wind instruments.
Sergio Jerez has studied the construction and repair of musical instruments at Newark & ​​Sherwood College under the tutelage of Geoff Else and Andy Wheldon, complementing this degree with the Performing Engineering Operations course, thus covering all aspects related to mechanical engineering in musical instruments.
Oboe teacher, he chose to specialize in the repair and construction of woodwind instruments in order to meet the demands of the professional musician, wanting to establish a trust and service relationship between professional repairman and professional musician.
In 2002 he obtained the certification for the installation of Straubinger slippers by this flute factory based in Indianapolis (United States). David Straubinger’s patented slippers are recognized worldwide for their stability and quality both by the most famous flute players, as well as by the main flute factories such as Miyazawa flutes, Jonathan Landell, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Burkart-Pelhan, Inc. among others. .
As a complement to his preparation, he has carried out different stages of improvement at the Henri Selmer House in Paris (France).
He is “Conseiller Artistique Vandoren” in his products of reeds and mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones.
As a teacher, he has been a Specialist Professor of the subject “Fundamentals of Mechanics and Maintenance of Wind Instruments” at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid and at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Aragon. Among the main activities that he carries out is the giving of training courses to professionals in the sector, Conservatories and Schools. As well as the adaptation of instruments and manufacture of accessories such as barrels, mouthpieces, special mechanisms, etc.
He has presented the presentations: “Technique and Construction of Woodwind Instruments” at the 1st Wind Music Congress held in July 2002 in Castellón, “Construction of Musical Instruments and their secrets” in the 2001, 2002 and 2003 editions of the course “Julián Menéndez” in Ávila and in the I International Forum of Music Barcelona Ciutat in collaboration with José Luis Estellés and Henri Bok, “History, Evolution and construction technique of the Saxophone” in the IV Festival of Jazz of Valencia and in the II “Austral” Saxophone Academy in Vigo held in July and August 2003. Likewise, he has taken courses on Fundamentals and Maintenance of Woodwind Instruments (a new subject in the LOGSE Superior plan) at the conservatories of Vitoria, Superior of Malaga , “Teresa Berganza” from Madrid, Superior of Granada, Superior of Córdoba, Professional of Albacete, Professional of Cuenca and together with José Luis Estellés and Anthony Pay at the University of A Coruña during the month of e October 2002, among many others.
He is a collaborating member of the Association of Bassoonists and Oboists of Spain (AFOES), as well as of the Association of Flute Players of Spain (AFE) since its creation.


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