Interview to Marcel Mule by Claude Delangle: Marcel Mule on the History of Saxophone Vibrato

Marcel Mule was born on the 24th of June, 1901 in Aube, a small town in Normandy, 80 miles from Paris. Young Marcel was educated in the conventional academic manner of the time and was expecting to pursue a teaching career. The First World War disrupted his musical studies and in 1921 he was called to serve in the Fifth Infantry, which necessitated a move to Paris. After military service, he joined La Musique da la Garde de Republicaine and in the ensuing years, along with his freelance career forged the sound and style which was to greatly influence generations of saxophonists to come. This was greatly facilitated through his being the first saxophone professor at the Paris Conservatoire since Adolphe Sax left in 1870. He taught at the Conservatoire for 25 years.

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