II International Competition for composers (city of Orihuela) Saxophone and orchestra


The “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra, together with Orihuela City Council and its Cultural Department, announce the II International Composition Award “Ciudad de Orihuela” for Saxophone and String Orchestra. It will take place in 2015 and is open to all composers of all nationalities, regardless of age.


    This competition has been organized with the objective to encourage and promote musical creation and establish close links between the “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra and contemporary compositors, in such a way that they could contribute to development and updating of the current chamber music for saxophone and string orchestra. Additionally, this competition wants to promote and exhibit the socio-cultural environment of Orihuela, its natural landscape and local customs, as well as its archaeological and historical heritage through musical language.

    There will be a single award of 3000 Euros. Furthermore, the audience to the presentation concert will give a 500 Euros award. The rest of the compositions will be awarded with an Honorable Mention. Finalist compositions will be recorded and performed in later concerts by the “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra and the members of the “Ars Musicandum” Saxophone Quartet.

    Orihuela City Council and its Cultural Department organize and sponsor the II International Composition Award “Ciudad de Orihuela” in collaboration with “Ars Musicandum” Saxophone Quartet and “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra.



  • 1.The prize is open to all composers of all nationalities, regardless of age.
  • 2.All composers can submit one or various works whose only main requirement is being unpublished, that is, they should not have been performed in public, recorded or broadcasted and/or awarded in any other competition.
  • 3.The works should adjust to the following theme: ORIHUELA, HISTORY OF THE MEDITERRANEAN (tradition, monuments, multiculturalism, sea, sun, happiness, discovery, light, prosperity, horizon, freedom…). Style and language are optional.
  • 4.The submitted compositions should be written for solo saxophone and string orchestra. The solo instrument can be chosen between the four saxophones on the “Ars Musicandum” Quartet: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone. In the same way, compositions should adjust to the members of “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra:
  • • Four first violins
  • • Four second violins
  • • Two violas
  • • Two cellos
  • •One double bass
  • 5.The compositions duration should be of 8-15 minutes.
  • 6.One bounded copy of the score, which should not bear neither the author’s name nor pseudonym but merely a chosen MOTTO, together with a data CD with a copy of the work in PDF format and the parts or particellas, should be provided. A copy of the bank transfer slip to the bank account given in condition 13 (entry fee) should be attached, as well as the author’s personal details (name and surnames, address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth) and the entry form signed, all enclosed in a sealed envelope. The envelope should contain in its exterior merely the MOTTO.
  • 7.The submitting period starts the day these conditions are published and ends on the 15th of February 2015. Applications should be sent by certified mail to:


    Avenida de la Vega nº 28, entresuelo B 

    03300 Orihuela (Alicante) – Spain

  • 8.Regardless of rights of the ownership of the work will remain with the author, the winner commits to include the following inscription on any editions or publications of his/her work:



    for saxophone and string orchestra

  • 9.A copy of the finalist scores will be part of the Municipal Archives of Orihuela to use and disseminate. The legal rights of the works will be composers’.
  • 10.The competition will be divided in two stages. In the first one, four finalist works will be selected by the jury. In the second one, these four finalist works will be performed in a concert. The winning composition will be elected by the vote of the jury and the members of the orchestra, appropriately represented. The audience award will be given by popular vote of the audience to the presentation concert.
  • 11.The panel of judges, both in the initial and the final stage, is chosen by the organization committee. All the works not deemed to be in the final stage will be destroyed by the organization. The finalist works will be kept by the “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra and will become part of the file of the Orchestra. Compositors will retain legal rights to their works.
  • 12.All information about the different stages of the award will be publicly notified on the web page of the “Ciudad de Orihuela” Orchestra and the City Council. Telephone information will be not provided. Final stage of the competition will take place on April-May 2015.
  • 13.The entry fee is 10€ (Euros), which should be transferred to the following bank account::
  • • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3005 0011 64 2264817822
  • • IBAN: ES1730050011642264817822
  • • BIC: BCOEESMM005

    Checks and money orders are not accepted.

  • 14.Entry fee will not be returned, even though the work submitted has not been selected or awarded.
  • 15.The organization committee will not admit those works which do not adjust to the rules above and will not take responsibility for lost or damaged material in delivery.
  • 16.Participation in this prize implies acceptance of the conditions of entry.
  • 17.Contact:
  • Telephone number: +34 676 974 420



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