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CD- Diálogos – Dúo Lisus: Lidia Muñoz & Jesús Núñez

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Dúo Lisus: Lidia Muñoz y Jesús Núñez

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11 Euros (SPAIN) / 13 Euros (Europe) / 15 (Other Countries)




Dúo Lisus: Lidia Muñoz y Jesús Núñez  

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If Adolphe Sax listened to Diálogos, he would feel amazed at his own invention after realizing how Jesús Núñez and Lidia Muñoz, members of the Dúo Lisus, make the most of it. Their brilliant interpretations of Poema sobre el vértice eléctrico del eco, by Manuel Bernal; Apart Together, by Eliza Brown; and Deuce, by Robert Lemay, include efficiently all sorts of resources, such as the slap, key clicks, voice and sound simultaneity, frullati, multiphonics, eclatés, air, and vibrato variations. Prolongaciones, by Antonio J. Flores, plays the electroacoustic role. Besides, several organization and control techniques, including the Armonía en el Ciclo Cerrado de Cuartas or the Escalística de Variantes de Base ( can be noticed in Comala Koan, by José del Valle; Beatybop, by Jordi Orts; and Lidehir, by David Seguí. These compositions and performances prove that despite the current intelellectual poverty, first-rate Culture still takes its course, as it has always happened even in times of great obscurantism.


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