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In Germany there are currently targeted burglaries in saxophone shops. (Luckily not in our shop)
The following instrument has already been stolen (in Sept.2017)
Please inform other dealers and your social network.

Selmer Tenorsaxophon Reference 54 patiniert 784478
Selmer Tenorsaxophon Reference 36 lackiert 787311
Selmer Tenorsaxophon Serie III 786968
Selmer Tenorsaxophon SA80II 769987
Selmer Altsaxophon Reference lackiert 792294
Selmer Altsaxophon Reference patiniert 783970
Selmer Altsaxophon Serie III 773299
Selmer Altsaxophon SA80II 781006
Seles Altsaxophon Axos A01888
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 83161
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 180044
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 170049
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 55503
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 57864
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 102911
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 166787
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 205650
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 128325
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 161439
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 218364
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 180443
Selmer Altsaxophon Mark VI 102913
Selmer Altsaxophon SBA 54227
Yanagisawa Altsaxophon A901 325934
Yanagisawa Altsaxophon AW020 353571
Yanagisawa Tenorsaxophon T901 342328
Yanagisawa Tenorsaxophon T992 327159
Conn Altsaxophon AS655 AD36016028
Yamaha Altsaxophon YAS-62 unklar
Expression Altsaxophon A328 X-Pro II 50114986
Expression Altsaxophon X-Old Sondermodell 61117948
Le Monde Altsaxophon Global Raw 551938
Chateau Altsaxophon 221 unklar
Jupiter Tenorsaxophon 1187 TF06355
Jupiter Tenorsaxophon 787 TF03608
Jupiter Tenorsaxophon 587 TF05863
Jupiter Altsaxophon 1100 TF00418

Selmer, Seles Axos Altsaxophon, Ser.: A0015
Selmer, SA80II Alt GL, Ser.: 790154
Selmer, Serie III Sopran GL, Ser.: 786471
Selmer, Serie III Alt GL. Ser.: 786977
Selmer, SA80II Tenor GL, Ser.: 766277
Selmer, Reference Alt lackiert, Ser.: 785075
Selmer, Reference Alt patiniert, Ser.: 794688
Selmer, Serie III Tenor GL, Ser.: 787328
Selmer, Reference 54 Tenor GL, Ser.: 784858
Selmer, Reference 36 Tenor GL, Ser.: 786948
Buffet, Student Alt Saxophon, Ser.: BCA700120
Buffet, 400 Tenor Sax, Ser.:140105
Trevor James, Kindersaxophon Alpha, Ser.: T5559
Jupiter, JAS701Q Alt Saxophon, Ser.: WF04189
Jupiter, JP 1167GL-Q Altsaxophon, Ser.: TF05801
Jupiter, JAS1100Q Altsaxophon, Ser.: UF05682
Yamaha, YSS-475 Sopransax , Ser.: 036471
Yamaha, YAS-280 Altsaxophon, Ser.: M86255
Yamaha, YAS-82Z 02 Alt, Ser.: E37419
Yamaha, YAS-875 EX03 Altsax, Ser.: E41792
Yamaha, YTS-280 Tenorsax, Ser.: M86599
Yamaha, YTS82Z02 Tenorsax, Ser.: E36489
Yamaha, YTS875EX Teonorsax, Ser.: E58983
Yanagisawa, S-901 Sopran gerade , Ser.: 00358852
Yanagisawa, S-981 Artist Sopran, Ser.: 00361585
Yanagisawa, A-WO10 Elite Altsax, Ser.: 00362715

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