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Adolphesax Andorra sax Fest Master Class


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Andorra Sax Fest DavidVincent David is the leader of a generation ofsaxophonists who develop the musical andtechnical possibilities of their instrument. Havingwon three international awards during his studies,he is an accomplished and complete musician. Heis the inspiration behind many creations such asDialogue de l’ombre double by Pierre Boulez,Troisième round by Bruno Mantovani and TrameXIII by Martin Matalon.
As a soloist, he has performed with majororchestras around the world such as OrchestrePhilharmonique de Radio France, l’OrchestreNational du Capitole de Toulouse, and OrchestreNational de Strasbourg.
He has collaborated with numerous composerssuch as L. Berio, P. Boulez, and P. Eötvös. He hasbeen collaborating with the EnsembleIntercontemporain since 1998.
As a composer and orchestra conductor, he has composed music for solo saxophone, saxophone and piano, saxophone and orchestra and jazz duos and quartets. He also devoteshimself to improvised music (jazz, contemporary). In 2012 he founded the jazz quartet Fireworks and composes for this ensemble. He has recorded more than half a dozen albums ofdifferent styles.
Vincent has taught numerous master classes throughout the world. He is a recognized teacher and attaches importance to the transmission of his experience and his passion for music.Known for being a generous musician, he is very attached to the idea of staying open-minded musically, and promotes artistic curiosity in his class at the CRR de Versailles.
He is also the director of the collection of Ediciones Billaudot.
Vincent enjoys music with taste, joy and passion, supported by the mastery of the saxophone and its extensive interpretation.



Andorra Sax Fest gasconNacho Gascón is a saxophonist who understands theclassical history of his instrument and who at thesame time explores the new and endless ways ofexpression that this versatile instrument is capable ofdeveloping.
Born in Alicante, he studied at the prestigiousUniversity of Southern California in Los Angeles. Atthis stage he participated in the recording of differentfilms and performed for the first time with the LosAngeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the HollywoodBowl at the early age of 22..
He received numerous awards and distinctions, suchas the distinguished Yamaha Young Artist and was afinalist in the New York Artist Guild ConcertCompetition. He was also the first saxophonist to playat the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.
He has collaborated with directors and composers such as John Williams, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Mstilav Rostropovich, John Adams, Eiji Oue, David Robertson, Diego Masson, MichaelStern, Lawrence Foster, Leonard Slatkin and has premiered works by composers such as Arnau Bataller, Bear McCreary, Robert Linn, Berthold Tüercke, Jesus Rodriguez Picó and H.K. Gruber, playing with groups such as The Furious Band, Barcelona 216 and the Ensemble Barcelona Nueva Música and orchestras such as Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra,New West Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Pablo Sarasate Orchestra of Pamplona, the Gran Teatro de Liceo Orchestra, the Cadaqués Orchestra and theOBC.
Since 2001 he has been teaching Chamber Music and Saxophone at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña and since 2013 he has also been a specialist in orchestral repertoireat the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón.



Andorra Sax Fest DElangleClaude Delangle has been teaching saxophone at theConservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) since September1988. As the co-founder of the European SaxophoneUniversity of Gap, he has been its artistic director since1988.
At Pierre Boulez’s request, he performed as a soloist orwith the Ensemble Intercontemporain from 1986 to2000. As a close collaborator of Luciano Berio, he playswith the greatest conductors and prestigious orchestrasand contributes to the modernization of the repertoirealongside the major composers.
Claude Delangle has recorded twelve discs for BIS andparticipated in recording tribute albums for composerssuch as Claude Debussy, Anton Webern, LucianoBerio, Edison Denisov, Hugues Dufourt, Gérard Griseyand Philippe Leroux, for Deutsche Grammophon,Harmonia Mundi, Erato and Verany.
He has been performing for four decades with his wife the pianist Odile Catelin-Delangle, a professor at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.
Claude Delangle contributes to developing Henri-Selmer-Paris company prototypes and directs a sheet music collection at Editions Lemoine Paris in which he is delighted to havepublished works by his friends Bruno Mantovani, Ichiro Nodaïra, Fuminori Tanada.
Claude Delangle is a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.



Andorra Sax Fest ZiminNikita Zimin is one of the most well-known representatives from the Russian classical school of saxophone.
He is a graduate of the Russian Gnesin’s Academy of Music (class of People Artist of Russia, Professor Margarita Shaposhnikova) and Paris National Conservatoire (class of Professor ClaudeDelangle).
Nikita Zimin is the winner of more than 20 national and international competitions.
From 2007 – 2013 he was a scholarship-holder of the Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation. He received scholarships from the President of Russia, the French Government and the MayerFoundation. Since 2013 Nikita has been the official representative and artist of the company SELMER PARIS. Since 2014 Nikita has been the President of the All-Russian Association ofsaxophonists.
Nikita Zimin gives recitals, both in Russia and abroad (Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, the USA, Korea, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan), and gives masterclasses.






Andorra Sax Fest garciaWith a passion for the saxophone, Mariano Garcíaseeks to surpass the boundaries of this instrument in allof his performances, broadening his repertoire withtranscriptions of all-time great chamber music orcontemporary pieces.
Combining his teaching career with that of a concertsaxophonist, he has toured China and the USA and hastaken part in major festivals in Andorra, Portugal andItaly, offering a repertoire that adapts to differentsituations, with particular emphasis on contemporarycompositions and transcriptions.
In so far as his work as a teacher is concerned, hegives numerous courses and masterclasses in Spain,and Europe.  He has been invited to teach at variousAmerican universities including those of North Carolina,South Carolina, the Furman University and theUniversity of Georgia.
Since 2009 he has been Head of Saxophone at the Advanced Conservatory of Music of Aragon and is currently one of the most demanded teachers of this instrument.
Saxophone professor as well in Vienna, wiener musik akademie, Mariano was also a teacher at the European Saxophone University in Gap, France 2016-2017.
He has recorded two CDs with the pianist Aniana Jaime under the IBS classical record label, which has received high acclaim from specialized critics.He is frequently asked to sit onjuries at international competitions. Since 2010 he has been a Selmer artist and member of the Duo ÁniMa.







Andorra Sax Fest michatBorn in 1971, Jean-Denis Michat began to play thesoprano saxophone at the age of 8.
He entered the Lyon Conservatory at the age of 14 andfinished his studies at 16 with a unanimous gold medal.
He began teaching at the age of 17 and continued histraining at the CNSM in Paris from the age of 19.
At the age of 24, he became a professor at theEuropean Summer University of Gap, an activity hecontinued for 15 years.
After being appointed as a professor at theConservatoire de Lyon, at the age of 25 he becameClaude Delangle’s assistant at the ConservatoireNational Supérieur de Musique de Paris.
From then on, he began a career as a teacher-concert performer, which took him to some twenty countries around the world for the traditional masterclass/concert series. His CRR Lyonclass has since trained bachelor and master students from all over the world.
Gradually, his work on transcriptions of classical pieces of music gave way to his own creations. The CD “The Dark Side” (2015) marked a turning point in his artistic orientation, leadingto 2 years of voluntary retirement in order to “take stock” (2015-2017).
Today, at 46 years old, improvisation, popular music and open forms are a part of his inspiration. The soprano saxophone, his first instrument, returns to being the most important.Finally, collaborative projects enrich a career that until then had been exclusively soloist.




Andorra Sax Fest grezesBorn on January 17, 1986, Christophe Grèzes beganhis musical studies in the south of France at the age of11. After studying with Philippe Lecocq in Toulouse andVincent David at the Conservatoire de Versailles, hecontinued his musical career with Claude Delangle andDavid Walter at the CNSMDP.
In addition, Christophe has won several internationalcompetitions such as those of Albi (1st prize), Nantes(2nd prize), Huelma (Spain, special Federico COCAprize), Turin (Italy, 1st prize), Benidorm (1st prize),FNAPEC with the Quatuor Morphing (Selmerscholarship), 1st Prize in the Illzach InternationalChamber Music Competition within the QuatuorMorphing and finally the prestigious Osaka InternationalChamber Music Competition with the Quatuor Morphing(1st Prize unanimously).
In addition to these awards, he began a fulfilling artistic career performing with internationally renowned orchestras such as the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, theOrchestre philarmonique de radio France and the Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire.
From an early age, his main activity was oriented towards chamber music work, on which most of his projects were based. He is a founding member of the Quatuor Morphing with aview to having a musically rich career.
In parallel to his activity as a musician, Christophe works at Henri Selmer Paris as a Bec Product Manager and is also responsible for the design of the Henri SELMER Paris saxophoneand clarinet mouthpieces.





Andorra Sax Fest KovalevValentin Kovalev was born in April, 1998 in Barnaul(Siberia, Russia).
He is currently a student at the CNSMDP with ClaudeDelangle. He also studied at Gnessin college, Moscowwith Leonid Drutin and at Chopin college with NikitaZimin.
He is the winner of more than 12 prestigiouscompetitions with the latest ones being:

•Grand Prize: All-Russian competition of saxophonists Pushkinsax 2015 (Pushkino, Russia)
•3rd prize: Malta music competition 2015, (Malta)
•1st prize: Golden Saxophone competition (18-25 years) 2015(Odessa, Ukraine)
•2nd prize: Sax competition (Korolev, Russia)
•1st prize: EkaterinburgSaxFest 2018,
•1st prize: Anches simples de Toulouse 2019, (France)
•1st prize: AndorraSaxFest competition 2019, (Andorra) 

He recorded a CD in 2013 with the “New Russia” orchestra whose chief conductor is Yuri Bashmet.
Valentin has been given 2 awards by the President of the Russian Federation, the Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation scholarship (since 2012), and the Moscow Mayor Grant winner(2018).
He is also a member of the Eurasian Saxophone Association (President N.Zimin).
Valentin has participated in many festivals in Russia and Europe.
In April 2019 he toured in China with the “Triton Saxophone Quartet”.



Andorra Sax Fest BoisChristophe Bois began his saxophone lessons with M.François, J. Amé, J. Mafféï and A. Delage, beforestudying at the Conservatoire de Paris in ClaudeDelangle’s class, where he won a first prize forsaxophone in 1991 as well as in D. Walter’s chambermusic improvement class.
He founded the Diastema quartet in 1986, with whichhe won several international prizes. His career as achamber musician with the Diastema quartet has takenhim around the world, alongside his regularappearances in numerous orchestras in France, mostnotably the Orchestre de Paris.
Christophe Bois taught saxophone in Bourges from1988 to 2016, also in Tours, and in Paris, where he hasbeen Claude Delangle’s assistant professor since 2004and finally, in the Pôle Supérieur de Poitiers since 2008.
He organized the National Course of Bourges Saxophone from 1989 to 2010 and conducted the orchestra “Harmonie de Bourges” between 1997 and 2011.
He is also the author of several pedagogical works published by Lemoine editions. In 2013, he founded MD publications. In 2016, he created the site





Andorra Sax Fest OloritzBorn in 1992 in Atarrabia-Villava, she startedsaxophone at the age of 9. In 2010 she was admitted tothe Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, andgraduated with honours in 2014. In 2016 she obtainedthe diploma of DEM unanimously from the jury at theCRR of Versailles in the class of Vincent David.
He has collaborated with the Banda Federal deNavarra, Banda Municipal de Barcelona, EuropeanUnion Youth Wind Orchestra, JONDE, Orchestre desLauréats du Conservatoire, OBC, and with the TeatreLiceu symphony orchestra.
She has been a finalist in the Capellades Music Papercompetition (Barcelona), the Permanent Competition forYoung Musicians of Spain, the Golden SaxophoneCompetition (Ukraine) and the Classic WindsCompetition (Germany).
She has also won 4th prize in the Andorran International Saxophone Competition, 2nd prize in the Enkor Competition, 1st prize in the Higini Anglés Competition and 1st prize andspecial jury prize in the Léopold Bellan Competition.
During her career, she has been supported by the Anna Riera Foundation, AIE, Argorart scholarships, Fondation Meyer and Societé Générale Mécénat Musical. She is an artist of thebrands JLV ligatures, D’Addario Woodwinds and Henri Selmer Paris.
She recently graduated with a master’s degree Mention très bien in Paris National Conservatory (CNSMDP) as a student of Claude Delangle, soloist, researcher and pedagogue, one ofthe greatest contemporary saxophonists, the master of the French saxophone.
She is currently part of the Ensemble Rayuela, with which she is doing the Master of Chamber Music at the CNSMDP with David Walter.




Andorra Sax Fest DelageAs a musician who is eager to discover more, Matthieuhas developed a varied artistic repertoire throughplaying (saxophone, clarinet, flute), teaching andcomposing.
After studying saxophone in L’Haÿ-les-Roses with hisfather, Matthieu continued his apprenticeship at severalRRCs in the Paris region. He obtained a Master’sdegree in saxophone in Claude Delangle’s class at theConservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et deDanse in Paris, and completed his training byintegrating into the generative improvisation class ofVincent Le Quang and Alexandros Markeas, PatrickMoutal’s Indian music class as well as David Walter’schamber music class. In 2014 he joined the JazzDepartment of the CRD Cachan in the classes ofThomas Savy and Carine Bonnefoy.
He has performed at numerous festivals in France and abroad (Pablo Casals, Théatre du Chatelet, Théatre des Champs Elysées, Philarmonie de Paris, Cité de la Musique, RadioFrance, Les Grandes Heures de Cluny, Abbaye de Royaumont, Concerts de Poche, les Mélusicales, Junior Festival) and has also won international solo competitions (Adolphe Sax,Lempdes, Metz, Gap, Musique en Courts) as well as playing chamber music with the Morphing Quartet (Fnapec, Osaka, Illzach, Fondation Cziffra and Fondation Banque Populaire).
As a holder of the State Diploma of Saxophone Teacher, Matthieu teaches saxophone and generative improvisation at the CRD of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, he is a teacher every summer at theEmerald Coast Academy and his educational works are published in the editions “Hit Diffusion”, “Delage Music” and “La Fabrik à notes”.




Andorra Sax Fest lococqFlorence Lecocq has been a saxophone teacher at theConservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulousesince 2000. She has also been a tutor at the Institutsupérieur des arts de Toulouse for the State Diplomacourse, since 2006.
Florence Lecocq studied in Bayonne with Éric Devallonand then in Toulouse where she studied and continuedto train and share her passion for teaching saxophonewith Philippe Lecocq.
After more than eight years of practice as a soprano ina saxophone quartet, she has played with the ToulouseCapitol Orchestra since 1999. She has played underthe watchful eye of directors such as Tugan Sokiev,Joseph Swensen, Georges Prêtre, Stefan Solyom orKabuki Yamada, Wayne Marshall, and Lahav Shami.
As a member of several chamber music groups, Florence Lecocq also participates in juries in the south of France, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Montauban,Territorial Public Service.She teaches saxophone following the traditions of the French school and the methods instilled by Philippe Lecocq.




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