Alcosax 2014 Summer Course (Alcorisa- Spain)

Alcosax 2014

PLACE: Alcorisa (Teruel-España)

DATES: 18th to 26th August 2014

TEACHERS: Juani Palop, Javier Alloza y Arno Bornkamp.



Course content and Rules

Additional information

  1. Students will access Alcosax on its own.
  2. In case of resignation of registration once the registration period is finished, the registration will not be refunded.
  3. You need to bring sheets and towels or rent them at the hostel, the price is 1,5€ each set or towels and 2.5€ each set of sheets.
  4. You should bring a swimsuit for the use of sports facilities and swimming pool.
  5. Need to bring clothes concert: black dress/ shirt or black shirt, black pants and black shoes and socks.
  6. The reception of the students in the hostel of Alcorisa will be exclusively from 17.00h on the 17th August. The organization does not guarantee or be held responsible for receipt at the lodge outside the times indicated.

Important information for minors

  1. Minors must provide     a copy of the ID or passport and a copy of the health insurance the day of presentation. 
  2. Students who have allergies, are vegetarian or have gluten intolerance, are taking any medication or suffering from any disease to consider, should inform the organization on the day of the presentation.
  3. Minors will have custody of a responsible organization.


Extended Rules

  1. Students must respect and abide the internal rules of the hostel Alcorisa, organizing Alcosax will not be responsible for the decisions taken by the management of the Hostel in case of non compliance with its rules.
  2. The Gala Dinner will be held at the restaurant “Caracas” dinner for students is included in the tuition, wishing asist escorts will be informed by the organization during the course.
  3. To everyone attending the concert and closing dinner wishing to spend the night in Alcorisa, you will find information at the end of these lines.
  4. The students authorize the organization to use and disseminate any image, recording both audio and video for advertising and / or particular use, otherwise the organization will manifest the day of the presentation.
  5. Classes will be held in the facilities of the Municipal School of Music.

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