25ème Université Européenne de Saxophone (GAP-France)


The Université Européenne de Saxophone usually takes place in the second half of July, and lasts 12 days.

At their arrival to Gap, the 54 registered students are welcomed in the premises of the Dominique Villars High School (please see map “how do I get there”) by the whole organization team: teachers, pianists, local personalities, etc.


The traditional cocktail reception allows the students to meet each other, and to become acquainted with the organizers and with the teaching team. The organization team then goes over all practical details (planning of the whole stay, unfolding of a standard day, teaching, program of the concerts, etc.). The students will be accompanied by a local chaperone, who they can refer to in case of question or problem. This local chaperone spends his/her nights at the dormitory where the students are staying, thus making sure that nothing happens at night. 

Please click below on “UNFOLDING OF A DAY AT THE UES” to discover the program of a standard day at the European University de Saxophone.


For several years, the teaching team of the European University of Saxophone of Gap is delighted to welcome about fifty students whose overall level is rather homogeneous. This very appreciable reality allows the present professors to develop their teaching techniques, towards more versatility. The individual courses remain naturally the core of this teaching, and allow all the students to study with each of the professors, but they are now accompanied by many other activities. The trainees can thus appreciate the members of the team as professors, but also as artists. Besides the instrumental perfection strictly speaking, the activities proposed to the trainees are:

– Possibility for each one to repeat individually with the two pianists (the accompanists Fumie Ito and Cyrille Lehn)

– Master classe of Quatu’or Laloi .

– Master classe (one baroque music). Intervenante Anna Besson

– Master classe du compositeur Philippe Leroux>

– Conference proposed by Philippe Geiss

– Group of saxophones

– Preparation for competition / concourse

– Courses of pedagogy

– Preparation for concerts




REGISTRATION: Click in the image below to get in the registration form


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