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1st International JUNIOR saxophone competition 2021

Saxiana-adolphesax junior compe


CHOOSE ONE FERLING ETUDE (free choice of the publisher) for saxophone solo (or with accompaniment of piano or CD soundtrack).
CHOOSE ONE PIECE or EXTRACTS in the LIST (6 minutes maximum).
The jury will assess the skills of saxophonists in relation to their age.

– Aria – Eugene BOZZA / with piano – Leduc
– Histoires – Jacques IBERT/ with piano –Leduc
– 5 danses exotiques – Jean FRANCAIX / with piano – Schott
– Suite hellenique – Pedro ITURRALDE / with piano – Lemoine
– Suite – Paul BONNEAU / with piano – Leduc
– Fantaisie impromptu – André JOLIVET / with piano – Leduc
– Melodies – Philip GLASS / solo – Chester
– Saxopassion Vol.2 – Gilles MARTIN / piano or CD – Billaudot
– Sax in the city – Alain CREPIN / with piano – Hafabra
– Nuits blanches  -Alain CREPIN / with piano – Billaudot
– Jeu de cartes vol.2 – Vincent DAVID / with piano – Billaudot
– Saxiana Junior /with piano or CD –Billaudot
– Saxiana /with piano or CD –Billaudot
– Saxiana Electro LEROUGE PROST/ with CD – Billaudot
– Mystic rave – LEROUGE LUKAS / with CD – Robert Martin
– Bel canto – Sugawa / with piano or CD – De Haske
-New essential repertoire – Sugawa / with piano or CD – De Haske
– Jazzosphère vol2 – J.MAKHOLM / with piano or CD – Billaudot
– Haze and blaze – Victor HERBIET / solo – Billaudot
– Solo pour concours – Cesar FRANCK / with piano – Billaudot
– Stars under the moon – F. DECRUCK / with piano – Billaudot
– Funky sax – Philippe GEISS / with piano or CD –Robert Martin
– Adolphe Sax Album vol. 1 / with piano – Lemoine
– Open SAX / solo – Leduc


Applications : Deadline 19 March 2021
Video recording : from 22 March to 17 April 2021 (Check the article.7)
Video sending : from 15 to 18 April 2021
Live Streaming : from 24 April to 2 May 2021
Jury deliberation (private) : from 3 to 6 May 2021
Results: Sunday 9 May 2021 to be announced online

Article 1. Saxiana Association and organize the Online JUNIOR International Competition. The competition takes place entirely on Internet. Instrument : Saxophone.

Article 2. The competition is open to contestants of all nationalities. The program corresponding to Classical, Contemporary and Popular eras is to be performed in its entirety.

Article 3. The contestants will be judged solely on the submitted recordings.

*Category JUNIOR – born in 2005 and younger

Article 4. Category JUNIOR : 40 euros
Fee are payable through PayPal (address: – PayPal payments must be done trough “friends and Family” option).

In the case you opt for a bank transfer: ASSOCIATION SAXIANA M NICOLAS PROST IBAN: FR88 2004 1000 0128 5045 2Y02 086 BIC: PSSTFRPPPAR BANK: la banque postale centre financier 75900 Paris cedex 15

Article 5. Repertoire : Free choice in the compulsory FERLING Title and Free choice of a piece in a compulsory piece should be with or without piano or with soundtrack.
The total length of the video recording must be limited to the following duration : up to 9 minutes.

Article 6. Participants must submit 2 video recordings (one per piece). Audio-only recordings will not be accepted. Video files must be performed by the applicants and must not be edited in any way, nor should any effects be added. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the video is recorded with good quality (image and sound). Be aware that poor recording quality may interfere with the jury’s ability to review the material. It is suggested to avoid distortion and, in case of solo with CD, ensure that the accompaniment is not louder than the applicant. Participants will not be penalized for the quality of their video, but it is very important that the quality should be good enough to see and hear the participant clearly. WETRANSFER will be the method of sending videos at this email

Article 7. The Video have to be recorded especially for this Competition. During recording, saxophonist contestant will announce clearly his name, the title of the piece and the name of the composer before playing. All participants will receive a secret word to certify that the recording was done during the established period. All participants must say the secret word in their recordings. If not, the applicant might be disqualified without notice and his/her application shall be treated as null and void.

Article 8. Registration is to be done exclusively through email
Participants will be requested to send the following informations :
NAME + FIST NAME + NATIONALITY + AGE + CATEGORY and PROGRAM CHOSEN +ADDRESS + EMAIL and PHONE CONTACT and copy of Passeport or Identity card + Receipt of the payment

Article 9. Regarding the protection of the image and video of young people under the age of 18, once your application has been received and validated, the organization will send you a special authorization to sign for the distribution of the videos on social networks. In case the parents of the participants do not agree, there is also a possibility to blur the face of the participants during their performance.

Article 10. By participating in the competition, competitors automatically waive the right to any remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of music video recordings on CD, DVD, or any type of online publication of the media.

Article 11. Three qualified judges will be evaluating the audition materials.
The work of the Jury is regulated by special Rules. Jury members are selected from a pool of renowned performing saxophonists and pedagogues.
All judges’ decisions are final. Participants may receive feedback from the judges, via email, upon request sent an email message to the competition:

Article 12. Copyrights. The Organizer reserves all rights for any kind of audio-video broadcast
during the Competition without any compensation to the candidates. By applying to the Competition, the candidate agrees to have his/her personal information (name, last name, date and place of birth, musical training, etc.) published on the official website, the Facebook page, the program booklets and other promotional material of the Competition.
All participants videos will be live-streamed during the established period (also by All videos will also published recorded once the competition will be over.

Article 13. Prizes are to be awarded to the competitor with a Diploma.
Certificat of Participation is to be awarded to all the competitors upon request. The Winners will get their picture and name published on the website under the title “Winner of The Online Junior International Competition”

Article 14. Private and public institutions, as well as business corporations or individuals, are in agreement with the organizers award Prizes.

Article15. The organization reserves the right to cancel the competition in the event of an insufficient number of competitors.

Article 16. By applying to the competition, participants automatically accept all the conditions and rules of the online music competition. No refund will be possible after registration.





– PRIZE YAMAHA Headphones TW-E3A (value 130€).
– PRIZE HENRI SELMER 1 mouthpiece Claude Delangle.
– PRIZE VANDOREN 1 Soprano mouthpiece Profile SP3.
– PRIZE EASTMAN 1 Professional alto sax Case /52nd street model (value 300 €).
– PRIZE MARCA 1 YEAR of MARCA PriMo offered (12 reed box).
– PRIZE GERARD BILLAUDOT Sheet music value 100 €.
– PRIZE 100 € chosen in the shop.
– PRIZE BG 1 Duo Ligature Gold Plated + 1 Strap Zen – S20 Y.


– PRIZE YAMAHA Headphones TW-E3A (value 130€).
– PRIZE HENRI SELMER 1 mouthpiece Claude Delangle.
– PRIZE VANDOREN 1 ligature M/O Gold PRIZE VANDOREN 1 ligature M/O Gold.
– PRIZE MARCA 1 YEAR of MARCA PriMo offered (12 reed box).
– PRIZE GERARD BILLAUDOT Sheet music value 100 €.
– PRIZE 50 € chosen in the shop.
– PRIZE BG 1 Tradition Ligature Gold plated.


– PRIZE YAMAHA Headphones TW-E3A (value 130€).
– PRIZE VANDOREN 1 Soprano mouthpiece Profile SP3.
– PRIZE MARCA 1 YEAR of MARCA PriMo offered (12 reed box).
– PRIZE GERARD BILLAUDOT Sheet music value 50 €.
– PRIZE 50 € chosen in the shop.
– PRIZE BG Strap Leather – S20 JMSH.


– PRIZE YAMAHA Headphones TW-E3A (value 130€).
– PRIZE VANDOREN 1 reed box V21 for alto sax.
– PRIZE MARCA 1 YEAR of MARCA PriMo offered (12 reed box).
– PRIZE GERARD BILLAUDOT Sheet music value 50 €.
– PRIZE 50 € chosen in the shop.
– PRIZE BG Strap.Comfort – S10 SH.


1st Winner: A private Online lesson with the Great Soloist Timothy McAllister (USA).
New composition hand-written and dedicated to the 4 winners of the competitions by the famous composers: Alain Crepin, Vincent David, Ryo Noda & David Salleras.

NOTE: Depending of the competition level, jury can divide the prizes.

Saxiana-adolphesax junior compe

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