10th International Master-Class for Classical Saxophone (Laubach / Germany)

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DATES:3rd to 10th August 2014

PLACE: Laubach / Germany

TEACHERS: Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David & Jan Schulte-Bunert




Our Master-Classes, which started in 2005 have been a great success. A total of more than 240 students from 20 countries participated and had a very productive time. In order to get an impression please go to our internet homepage
“www.” and look at the “review and preview” page.
The goal of this master-class is to help advance the musical capabilities of young artists and to increase the interest of the public, the press and radio for the
classical saxophone. For that purpose three final concerts will be performed.

The specific musical goals for the active participants are:
• Improvement of technical skills
• Improvement of individual interpretation of music
• Improvement of confidence in music and style
• Active chamber music experience incl. quartet and ensemble
• Together with the tutors the video-taped performance of final concerts to be
  reviewed (on August 10th, half-day)
• Active concert experience through final concerts in front of public, press and radio.


Who is the Organiser?
We are a group of chamber-music and particularly saxophone lovers, organised in the form of the non profit organisation “Musik & Sprache Hessenbrückenmühle e.V.”
During summer we arrange chamber music concerts by engaging young outstanding artists to give performances in the very special concert-hall of our national heritage water-mill. We encourage the artists to perform equally traditional and contemporary music.
See homepage:



  • Advanced students as well as active soloists can attend this master-class as active
    participants. Number of active participants is limited.
  • Participants should be in the age bracket between 17 and 30 years of age.
  • All active participants will have lessons with all three tutors.
  • Passive participants are welcome


Please email, mail or fax the attached application (PDF-File) or use the online registration form

and send us additionally the following information:

  • CV including length and status of musical education.
  • Repertoire, and which pieces do you want to be studied at the Master-Class.
  • What kind of instruments and which mouthpieces you will bring.
  • Please send by tape/CD/email 1 or 2 pieces of your choice, played by you.

From participants of previous Master-Classes we only require the filled in
registration form and any news.

After receipt of such information and after receipt of the downpayment of
€ 100,00, we will then confirm acceptance of active participation or will suggest
passive participation.

Application deadline is July 1st 2014.



Sunday, August 3rd 2014 (in the afternoon around 15:00 hours)

Obligatory audition:

Monday, August 4th, 9:00 at the Laubach-College
Please be prepared to play one piece of music of your choice, absolute max. 5 minutes.


Sunday, August 10th 2014 around midday


  • For active participants: € 425 + € 100 for food plus € 175
    for single room accommodation with bath for 7 nights at the location of the Master-Class. (i.e. a total of € 700)
  • For passive participants: € 250 + € 100 for food plus € 175
    for single room accommodation with bath at the location of the Master-Class.
    (i.e. a total of € 525)
  • After acceptance to the Master-Class, fees will only be refunded if written
    cancellation is received before July 5th, 2014.

Payment to be effected (no cheques please)
to the Bank account of “Saxophon Meisterklasse”:
Sparkasse Laubach-Hungen
IBAN: DE91 5135 2227 0000 0227 07

The Master-Class will take place at the Laubach-College, an ideal place for our purposes:
with ample practicing rooms, excellent teaching rooms and with more than 30 modern
single hotel-rooms with bath. Every participant will live in such a room.

Location of Master-Class
Location of the Master-Class is the Laubach-College,
Königsbergerstr. 2 in D-35321 Laubach, a 1200 years old pittoresque village,
some 60 km north-east of Frankfurt.
The first two concerts will be performed at the „Hessenbrückenmühle“,
the former location of the Master-Class, a 300 years old national heritage
water-mill in Laubach.

Airport: Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

Railway-Station: “Giessen” and there change-over to station “Grünberg, Hessen”.

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