DECEMBER 2016 – Challenge LYON SUPERSAX 2016 (04/12/2016) Lyon (FRANCE)

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In a few words :

Nothing but fun!


3 categories:
Rookie (+/- 2 years sax)
Virtuoso (between 2 and 5 years sax)
Expert (+ 5 years of sax).


Candidates must satisfy 3 “battles” (1 classical, 1 jazz, 1 contemporary set in 3 different rooms).

The pieces (pdf) and accompanying soundtrack (mp3) are available for free.

For each battle, the candidates reach the stage in groups of 3.
The pieces are designed to put challengers in value, alternately or simultaneously.

No money to gain or technical equipment.
Gifts are exclusively goodies (T-shirts, CDs, Posters, USB keys, Mugs, diplomas …).
And especially …. Everybody wins!
If this concept appeals to you, please arrange your own tiny or huge Supersax Challenge. All material is available on our website (in french but easy to understand….téléchargement= download !):


Copy everything ! Serve yourself ! Post!
Everything is free of rights.


We ask you in return:
1 / Keep entitled “Challenge [home] Supersax” to create a network (Challenge Paris Supersax 2017, Moscow Supersax Challenge 2018, Challenge Brignoud-en-Marenne Supersax2048 …)
2 / Keep us informed of your event to relay the info.
3 / Keep the spirit of sharing, celebration and stylistic opening.

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