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CONSERVATORIO DE AMSTERDAM: Pruebas de acceso de Saxofón Clásico 24-25 de Abril 2017



Entrance examination tests

In order to give candidates an impression of the theoretical part of the entrance examination, there are some examples on this site:

example of the Classical theoretical entrance examination
example of the Jazz theoretical entrance examination


Theory test for candidates who already have a classical bachelor’s degree
Students applying for the Conservatorium van Amsterdam who already have a bachelor of music degree (or comparable degree) don’t need to do the regular theory and ear training admission test. Instead they will do a test encompassing some advanced ear training exercises, a short exercise in written harmony and some analytical questions about a given composition. The results of this test will not influence the actual admission to the conservatory but will be of importance for the determination of the study programme.
Click an item here to start a test:
Ear Training


Theory test for jazz candidates who apply for a higher bachelor year or the master programme
Students who have already completed at least one year of a bachelor’s degree programme in jazz elsewhere and wish to continue their study at the CvA in a higher year, will not have to take the general theory part of the entrance exam. Instead they will do:
1. an exercise in written harmony
2. a harmonic analysis
3. a harmonization of a given melody

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