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A Performance Analysis of Saxophone Trios By William Albright and Daniel Schnyder by William Ross Gilespie

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Title: A Performance Analysis of Saxophone Trios By William Albright and Daniel Schnyder

Author: William Ross Gillespie
Thesis Chair: Dr. Keith R. Young
Thesis Committee Members: Dr. Jason Worzbyt

Dr. Matthew Baumer

While there is a plethora of music for solo saxophone, saxophone with piano, and saxophone quartet, the repertory for saxophone in a mixed chamber ensemble is still very limited. This document provides a formal analysis and brief harmonic analysis for two important pieces for mixed chamber ensemble: Worlds Beyond by Daniel Schnyder and Pit Band by William Albright. It also includes performance techniques for the saxophone player, as well as rehearsal techniques for the full ensemble.

This document includes an interview with the composer Daniel Schnyder as well as biographical information on William Albright. Both composers have written numerous works for the saxophone, and they view the saxophone from opposite ends of the compositional spectrum.

The purpose of this project is to gain insight and experience in the performance of modern chamber ensemble music. It also provides important performance information to others who wish to perform these pieces.


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