born in 1986 and younger.

Applications deadline:
3 May 2016


Compulsory compositions:

César Franck: Sonata in A Major – I. mvt. (any transcription)
Johannes Brahms: Sonata, Op. 120 No. 2 – I. mvt. (any transcription)
Janez Matičič: Repliques (DSS)


(maximum of 10 candidates)

Compulsory composition:

Nina Šenk: Impetus (DSS)

One composition from the following list:

William Albright: Sonata (Peters)
Georges Aperghis: Alter ego (Durand)
Luciano Berio: Sequenza VIIb (Universal)

Edison Denisov: Sonata (Leduc)
Thierry Escaich: Lutte (Misterioso)
Jindřich Feld: Sonata for soprano or alto saxophone (Leduc)
Christian Lauba: 25 etudes – one by choice
Lojze Lebič: Invocation / à Primož Ramovš (DSS)
Bruno Mantovani: L’incandescence de la bruine (Lemoine)

David Maslanka: Sonata (NASA)
Uroš Rojko: Godba (DSS)
Florent Schmitt: Legende, Op. 66 (Durand)
Marilyn Shrude: Renewing the Myth (Lemoine)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: In Freundschaft (Stockhausen Verlag)

Piet Swerts: Kotekan (Zodiac)

Peter Šavli: Visuddhi (DSS)
Fuminori Tanada: Mysterious Morning III (Lemoine)

(maximum of 5 candidates)

Solo with the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Simon Krečič:

Henri Tomasi: Concerto(Leduc)
Jacques Ibert: Concertino da camera (Leduc)
Jeanine Rueff: Concertino, Op.17 (Leduc)
Frank Martin: Ballade (Universal)



Claude Delangle (F) – chairman,
Steven Mauk (USA),
Guillaume Orti (F),
Lev Pupis (SLO),
Gordan Tudor (CRO),
Simon Krečič, conductor (SLO) – only in finale.

Secretary of the Competition:
Dejan Prešiček

Piano Accompanists:
Sae Lee (JPN/SLO),
Maria Nemcova (RU),
Zoltan Peter (SLO).

Project Manager:
Pavla Jarc

Contact person and coordinator of the programme:
Polona Abram

(not finalized yet)

First prize: 
– Selmer SIII Alto Saxophone – Selmer Paris

– Paid concert (500 €) in the 2016/17 concert series of Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia – Glasbena mladina Slovenije

– Gift voucher for two HB overnight stays at the Perla four-star hotel in Nova Gorica – HIT d. d
– BG DUO ligature gold plated – BG France

– Rico Pack – D’Addario and Company, Inc.

Second prize:
– Yanagisawa Saxophone – Vincero Ltd.;

– Cash prize worth € 500 net – Mestna občina Nova Gorica

– BG DUO ligature gold plated – BG France
– Saxophone case – Symphony International;
– Rico Pack – D’Addario and Company Inc.

Third prize:
– Sequoia Soprano Saxophone –Buttus Roberto Riparazioni Strumenti Musicali;
– Cash prize worth € 500 net –E. Rousseau Music Products;
– BG DUO ligature gold plated – BG France
– Rico Pack – D’Addario and Company Inc.

Fourth prize:
– Cash prize worth € 300 – Glasbeno društvo Saksofonija;
– BG DUO ligature gold lacquered – BG France
– Music stand –Symphony International;
– Rico Pack – D’Addario and Company Inc.

Fifth prize:
– Cash prize worth € 200- Glasbeno društvo Saksofonija;
– BG Duo ligature silver plated – BG France

– Music stand – Symphony International;
– Rico Pack – D’Addario and Company Inc.

Special prizes: 
 – The Slovene competitor with the best assessment will be awarded a concert honorarium in the amount of 500 € – a concert staged as a part of the 21th International Saxophone Meeting, which will take place in Nova Gorica in 2017 – The prize is awarded by Nova Gorica Arts/
 Kulturni dom Nova Gorica.
– The Slovene competitor with the second best assessment will be awarded a concert honorarium in the amount of 500 € – a concert staged as a part of the seria Sounds of ther Youth in the season 2016/2017. The prize is awarded by Nova Gorica Music School/Glasbena šola Nova Gorica 
– All the finalists will receive practical gifts (CDs and publications) from the Society of Slovene Composers/Društvo slovenskih skladateljev

Prizes for all participants:  
All the participants will receive participation certificates and BG France
“Reed Performer Set”.

The number of participants is limited. Places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the completed registration form. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 3 May 2016 (date of post stamp). Places will be allocated according to the date of post stamp or received e-mail. In the case of participant cancellation, the participation fee will be not return. The registration for the competition is valid only after the full registration fee is paid.


1. Competitors must perform from original sheet music only. Photo-copies are not allowed.
2. Winners of the 1st prize of previous International Saxophone Competitions in Slovenia in the highest category (Krško 2001, Nova Gorica from 2003 to 2011) will not be allowed to participate.
3. An official accompanist is available to all the competitors.
4. Competitors must produce a valid ID document before the competition.
5. Competitors must prepare five copies of the (piano) score of the selected works.
6. The order of performance will be determined by a public draw prior to the competition.
7. The organiser retains all public recording and broadcasting rights, including the rights to publishing audio and/or video recordings.


Participation fee: 120 €
One rehearsal (30 min) with the official accompanist: 30 €
The desired number of rehearsals with the accompanist (maximum of three) must be indicated on the registration form.
We recommend that candidates are accompanied by their own accompanist.

Payment method:

Bank transfer to the Nova Gorica Arts Centre,
UJP (Public Payment Office), Nova Gorica Branch 
IBAN: SI56012846030358603 
Reference: SI99

Please send the registration form by post to:

Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Bevkov trg 4 
5000 Nova Gorica 

By e-mail:

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