11º Master-Class Internacional de Saxofón Clásico (Laubach-Germany)


Nuestras clases magistrales, que comenzaron en 2005 han sido un gran éxito. Un total de más de 240 estudiantes de 20 países participaron y tuvieron un tiempo muy productivo. Con el fin de obtener una impresión por favor visite nuestra página de Internet
«Www. «y mirar a la» página de revisión y vista previa «.
El objetivo de este master-class es para ayudar a avanzar las capacidades musicales de los artistas jóvenes y aumentar el interés del público, la prensa y la radio para el saxofón clásico. Para ello se realizarán tres conciertos finales.


The specific musical goals for the active participants are:
• Improvement of technical skills
• Improvement of individual interpretation of music
• Improvement of confidence in music and style
• Active chamber music experience incl. quartet and ensemble
• Together with the tutors the video-taped performance of final concerts to be
• Active concert experience through final concerts in front of public, press and radio.


  • Advanced students as well as active soloists can attend this master-class as active
    participants. Number of active participants is limited.
  • Participants should be in the age bracket between 17 and 30 years of age.
  • All active participants will have lessons with all three tutors.
  • Passive participants are welcome


Please use the online registration form
or the attached application (PDF-File)

and send us additionally the following information:

  • CV including length and status of musical education.
  • Repertoire, and which pieces do you want to be studied at the Master-Class.
  • What kind of instruments and which mouthpieces you will bring.

From participants of previous Master-Classes we only require the filled in
registration form and any news.

After receipt of such information and after receipt of the downpayment of
€ 100,00, we will then confirm acceptance of active participation or will suggest
passive participation.

Application deadline is August 1st 2015.



Sunday, August 23rd (in the afternoon around 15:00 hours)

Obligatory audition:

Monday, August 24th, 9:00 at the Laubach-College
Please be prepared to play one piece of music of your choice, absolute max. 5 minutes.


Sunday, August 30th around midday


  • For active participants: € 425 + € 100 for food plus € 175
    for single room accommodation with bath for 7 nights at the location of the Master-Class. (i.e. a total of € 700)
  • For passive participants: € 250 + € 100 for food plus € 175
    for single room accommodation with bath at the location of the Master-Class.
    (i.e. a total of € 525)
  • After acceptance to the Master-Class, fees will only be refunded if written
    cancellation is received before July 5th, 2015.

Payment to be effected (no cheques please)
to the Bank account of “Saxophon Meisterklasse”:
Sparkasse Laubach-Hungen
IBAN: DE35 5135 2227 0000 0271 10

The Master-Class will take place at the Laubach-College, an ideal place for our purposes:
with ample practicing rooms, excellent teaching rooms and with more than 30 modern
single hotel-rooms with bath. Every participant will live in such a room.

Location of Master-Class
Location of the Master-Class is the Laubach-College,
Königsbergerstr. 2 in D-35321 Laubach, a 1200 years old pittoresque village,
some 60 km north-east of Frankfurt.
The first two concerts will be performed at the „Hessenbrückenmühle“,
the former location of the Master-Class, a 300 years old national heritage
water-mill in Laubach.

Airport: Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

Railway-Station: “Giessen” and there change-over to station “Grünberg, Hessen”.

Postal address
Jan Schulte-Bunert
Arndtstr. 26
10965 Berlin

+49 160 97780830


In case you have any questions please phone

Master-Class Address
Königsbergerstraße 2
D-35321 Laubach




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